Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is point of contact?

A: Coach Bekah can be contacted via email 

Q: Where will practices be held?

A: The Central-Clemson Recreation Center 130 Commons Way Central SC


Q: What are the financial requirements?

A. Pricing can be found HERE.


Q: What are the practice requirements?

A: It is not required but encouraged that swimmers attend all practices.

Practice Times: 4:30 PM- 6:00 PM  

Torpedoes: Monday & Wednesday       

Pre-Torpedoes: Tuesday & Thursdays


Q: What are the semesters?

A: Fall Semester is August - December Spring Semester is January -  May.


Q: What/When are “time trials” ?

A: These happen once a semester and are paramount in the proper lane placements and races for each swimmer. Time Trials give swimmers and coaches a starting point for each swimmer and also helps with placement in events for swim meets.

    * Parents will be asked to help time swimmers and assist coaches.


Q: Are there any meet requirements?

A: Swimmers participate in meets if they and their coaches think they are ready. Team has to have at least 10 swimmers to participate.

Meet dates, times and locations will be posted on team calendar on .

Q:How do I register my swimmer?

A:Go to and click the Swim Team tab and then the Registration tab. Once you have  answered all questions and your swimmer has completed the tryout process payment can be submitted.

Q: How long would you estimate my swimmer will be on Torpedos/Pre-torpedoes team?

A: It depends on the swimmer and how quickly the excel. Participation in time trials and meets help coaches access swimmers and give parents accurate placement for swimmers.

Q: Is there a minimum age?

A: NO! Our swim team participates are determined by their skill level.

Q: Would my swimmer be able to start at any time?

A: YES! Contact us at to find the best time to bring your swimmer to try out and meet the coaches.

Q: Is there a discount for multiple children?

A: YES! Details can be found in Payment obligations section below.

Q: How will I know if practice has changed or canceled?

A: There will be a email BLAST as well as updates via Facebook and Instagram. Follow these social media links for the most up to date News and Announcements ,  and .