Our Program

At H2O&U we believe in safety first and starting with the basics. Our signature swim lessons incorporate a strong focus on life saving and recovery skills. We first make sure all of our participants (no matter their age) are comfortable, confident and safe in the water. From there our tailored approach enables each student reach their unique swim goals. 


Beginners are those who cannot swim or swim less than 5 feet. Beginners may or may not be comfortable in the water and have few or no skills.  

Some of the skills beginners will learn include

  • becoming fully comfortable in the water

  • Comfort in the water

  • Full submersion

  • Back Float and Front Float

  • Jump into pool unassisted

  • Entering and exiting the pool

  • Swim 5 feet or less in any style

  • And more! 

Age & Skill Levels

H2O&U swim lessons are broken into the following age groups. Designating age groups allows every participant to be taught using age appropriate techniques. This tailored teaching means that participants are given their best possible experience and learn most effectively. 

  • 6 Months - 2 years

  • 3 years - 5 years

  • 6 years - 9 years

  • 10 years - 14 years 

  • 15 years and up

Individuals in each age level can be placed in one of the following skill levels: beginner, intermediate or advanced. 


Those who swim at least 5 feet. Intermediate swimmers should already be comfortable in the water and and have mastered all beginner skills.

Some of the skills they will learn include: 

  • retrieve object from deeper water

  • breath control

  • Basic back front crawl and backstroke

  • Back Float and Front Float (extended time)

  • Treading water

  • And More! 

Introduction To The Water

These skills are a must for all ages and skill levels. Learning to swim is important but knowing how to behave around water is just as important. That is why we include this vital knowledge into our swim lesson program. 

Some of the rules participants will learn include: 

  • No horseplay

  • Always wear your personal flotation device

  • No running

  • Never Swim Alone

  • How to identify the Lifeguard

  • What to do in an emergency


Advanced swimmers are  those who swim 15 feet or more. Advanced swimmers should have mastered all beginner and intermediate skills.

Some of the skills they will learn include:

  • Swim 25 feet or more

  • Command of all basic strokes (front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke)

  • Proper breathing

  • Back Float and Front Float for at least 2 minutes

  • tread water for at least 2 minutes

  • Surface dives

  • And More!