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H20&U Testimonials

Prior to this year, we had only taken lessons with Ms Bekah, who is phenomenal. My favorite thing about her is her patience and command with the kiddos in the water. This summer my three girls have been taking lessons with Ms Jordanne, and I was thrilled to see she has the same command and control in the water. All three ask to go swimming with Ms Jordanne weekly, and I couldn’t be happier with their progress: my 4 year old can now swim unassisted 

Amanda Padgett Stevenson

I had wonderful experiences with this place for all four children. My son who was very afraid to go under water had one lesson with Adam and within 24 hours he was swimming underwater all over the pool and his fear was gone. I can’t express how grateful and humbled I am for this experience. It has changed my sons life and now he loves swimming. Thank you Adam and H2o&U!

Briana Buker

Meredith is great! She is patient yet firm and Lukas absolutely adores her. Too often, children dread swim lessons but my child doesn't want his to end! In fact, we have continued them year round. It's a nice feeling to see Lukas' weekly progress while having a smile on his face during instructional time. I am so thankful to have such a great swim instructor in Meredith

Allison Barry

I used Rebekah for private adult swim lessons, as well as group lessons for my son. Can't say enough about how well they went. I'm independent in the water, and my son is a fish. Thank you so much!

Jennifer Marcotte

Meredith has worked with my children (5 years and 2 years old) for two years, and I could not be happier or more pleased. Neither of my children were happy about swim lessons and they screamed and cried for probably the first lie. Meredith had unending patience with them both. Now, both girls look forward to swimming and LOVE Miss Meredith. Meredith took the time to teach basic water safety skills, as well as challenge my girls with new skills. In pushing the girls to try new things, she also identified specific strengths and motivation unique to each of my daughters. We have participated in both group lessons at a private pool and individual lessons at Clemson Rec. The growth of each in individual lessons this winter has been astounding. I fully and wholeheartedly endorse H2O&U and look forward to continuing to work with this talented team.

Alison Starr-Moss

My daughter Maria actually fell into the pool this Christmas season and it was due to her excellent training with Bekah that she was able to rescue herself out of the deep water and was just fine!

Bina Hurley

This was extremely difficult for me, as Peyton was challenged in a way she never has been before, but I am so grateful for the experience and knowledge she gained. I feel much more confident about her abilities in the water. We are thankful for Rebecca.

Stephanie Shulick

Meredith is very patient and knowledgeable. She was able to get my children to listen and do things I never thought they would! Their emphasis on safety in the pool is very important to me

Cheryl Smith

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