By purchasing a service(s) from H2O&U (CEC Legacy Inc.),

you hereby agree to the following listed below:

Release of Liability

The Client expressly assumes all responsibility for the Clients participation in the Activities under this Agreement. The Client agrees that he or she will not hold the property owner responsible for injuries or damages to the client or client’s property while on the owner’s property for the purposes of any activities schedule by CEC Legacy Inc./H2O&U. It is the responsibility of CEC Legacy Inc./H2O&U to ensure the area in use is safe and accessible for the services provided. The Client certifies that he or she is physically sound and suffering from no condition, impairment, disease, infirmity, or illness that would prevent the clients’ participation in the clients’ activities or endanger the health of others under the Agreement.  The Client certifies that the client is of a legal age to enter into an Agreement or is entering this Agreement on behalf of a minor.

Photo Release

H2O&U is granted permission without limitation or obligation, to use photographs, film footage, or recording which may include my or my child's image or voice for the promotional or instructional purposes. Your image will not be sold to any third party for their private or public use.

Payment and Refunds

All services must be paid for in full prior to services being rendered.

No refunds will be issued for any reason. 


Lesson Availability

H2O&U works hard to accommodate all customers. Lessons are assigned on a fist come first serve basis. Due to high demand, customers may have to wait for an opening in order to begin lessons.  H2O&U primarily offers travel swim lessons (we come to you). A limited number of lessons are available to those without access to a pool. However, H2O&U may not be able to provide lessons if a pool is not available.   


1. Registration forms must be completed and submitted prior to the first lesson.                                         
2. Lessons must be scheduled in advanced and paid for before the start of the lesson. 
3. Accepted payment options are credit or debit card, submitted via square.

4. Checks and Cash are NOT accepted. 
5. No refunds will be given for any reason.
6. Lessons missed for personal reasons will not be rescheduled or refunded.
7. Makeup lessons will only be held for lessons cancelled by H2O&U.                                                                             
8. Late arrivals will not have time added to the end of the lesson.
9. All group lessons must have a minimum of 3 participants to be held. In the event that your class does not meet this         minimum number your session fees will be adjusted to reflect this. If you are registered for one of our H2O&U scheduled group lesson your payment may also be transferred to another group lesson or private/semi private lessons. Please note that private and semi-private lesson rates will differ from group lesson rates.

10. Lesson cancelled or cut short due to inclement weather 

Student Behavior Policy

1. Students are subject to a three-strike behavior policy.

    A. Verbal Warning

    B. Time out

    C. Parent conference

2. Any student who becomes an impediment to the progress or safety of the class may be removed at the instructors’ discretion. In this event no refund will be given. The cost of your remaining lessons can be applied toward private or semiprivate lessons. (note that private and semi-private lessons rates will differ from group lesson rates.)




1. Registration forms must be completed and submitted prior to the start of all courses.                                         
2. Courses must be paid for in full before the start of the course. 
3. Accepted payment options are credit or debit card

4. No refunds will be issues for no shows or course fails. 

5. For those who cancel, at least 48 hours prior to the start of the course and in writing via email, 75% of the cost of the course can be refunded. CEC Legacy Inc. will retain 25%. For those who fail the pre-course section of the lifeguard course 75% of the cost of the course can be refunded. CEC Legacy Inc. will retain 25%. Alternatively, for the cost of the course can be transferred to another course.